Saturday, 16 July 2011

Holiday piccies

Evening all , how are you ?

You may have noticed that the posts for the last week have been short and sweet- that's because they were all scheduled in advance ! I know you didn't think I was that clever (neither did I ) but I am obviously improving and they all worked to plan lol !

The reason being, I've been on my hols and spent the week in South Wales along the Pembrokeshire Coast. This is a stunning part of the world and the weather was kind to us too.

This was the view as we sat outside right beside the sea for our evening meal last Saturday......

and how about this for a 'city centre' lunch break....................

This was taken at Britain's smallest city, St Davids and this was the view from the picnic table................Stunning, isn't it ?

A few other pictures I took ...............

I can feel some scrapbook pages coming lol !

We also spent a day on a deserted beach and if I show you the photos you can see just how quiet it was.................

and these two dots on the shoreline are my girls having a paddle.........

and I love this picture of Sophie (contemplating the meaning of life ?) and the tiniest wisp of a cloud in the cornerHope you've enjoyed a look at my piccies and now I must get back to normal and the mountain of washing we brought back !

Unfortunately I also missed the Jems training today as I think Hubby would have thought a de~tour home via Leeds just a little too far lol !! Hope you all had a fab day girls and a very Happy Birthday to those celebrating this week.

Back to all things 'crafty' next time x


  1. Hi Julie - welcome home! You're doing a great job of being the S.Wales tourist board as your photos are stunning! Those beaches look gorgeous and plenty of room on them too. All you need is the weather, and it looks as if you managed that! Vx

  2. Beautiful photos Julie, looks like you have had a great time. How I wish I was on that beach!! Not long to our holidays, can't wait now. Hope you are all ok xxx