Sunday, 26 September 2010

Guess the colour

Hello all, hope you are well.

Have you noticed a common theme amongst SU demos this week ? We are all finding it difficult to find things to post for you !!!

The problem is we are all so busy playing with new colours and goodies but we can't show you just yet - not long to wait now though !!!

To make the waiting easier and for a bit of fun I thought I would ask you to leave a comment to guess what my new favourite colour is. I will randomly draw one of the correct entries on Friday evening and send the winner a little surprise.

You can guess as many times as you like but I'm not giving you any clues other than its not Rich Razzleberry !

I have got something I can show you, a male card. I know men's card don't feature on my blog much but sometimes needs must !

Trendy trees stamped onto Bella Bleu paper.

Must go, it's time for my second dose of X Factor (and I've promised myself no crafting after it ! ) Happy guessing ! x

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Brayer picture

Hi, is anyone else having a thunderstorm ? The sky here is so dramatic and the rain spots are enormous !! Looks like the nice weather may be coming to an end.

Having used my brayer on the last card , I decided to try again and foolishly decided to be a bit more adventurous and make a picture this time.

Well all I can say is it's not as easy as it looks on the telly !!! If anyone has any hints and tips I would be very grateful as sometimes I get lines and sometimes I don't !

Used Fox (minus his friends ! ), Trendy Trees and Tiny Tags (again!). Even ripped some paper too which isn't really me but I like to keep trying different things.

Lightning is getting a bit scary now so I'm off to hide ! x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A couple of firsts

Hi, have you had chance to enjoy the sunshine today ? I've been at work but did do a little gardening when I got back as it was still nice. Thought I'd better stop when it got dark lol - we have been known to have bats in our garden and they make me jump even though they are tiny !

I have a confession to make - todays card is the first time I have used So Saffron despite having the card and ink for quite a while now.

I must admit yellow is probably my least favourite colour but I do actually like this shade although whenever I pick it up to use I tend to have a mental block.

Does anyone else find certain colours more difficult than others ?

Anyway , inspired by some of the beautiful autumn colours around at the moment I decided to be brave .......

This card also includes another first - the first time I have used my brayer. I used Rose Red and Soft Suede ink but I think more practice is needed !

Used linen thread to make the centre of the butterfly and a little bow for the tag.

Still not completely convinced, what do you think ?

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Tiny Tags Christening Card

Hi, have you had a good weekend ?

We had a lovely day yesterday as we attended a double celebration - a wedding and a christening.

The weather was kind too, it did pour down but not til after it didn't matter !

The christening card is the one I started to think about last week ( bit more challenging as for a 12 year old girl ) and then got distracted by the Christmas tree !!!

Well I did go back to my original idea and made a simple cross using another of the Tiny Tags stamps and some lovely Cottage Wall paper.

Had to be Rich Razzleberry to match the wedding card.... or just because I like it !

Still got some new things to play with, just need more play time ! x

Friday, 17 September 2010

Hiya, hope you are well.

Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone for the lovely comments about my Tiny Tags Christmas tree - it's really nice to get some feedback. I have a few more ideas but have not had chance to test them yet !

I have made loads of cards this week but have been in such a rush to get them all done and out on time that I forgot to take any photos . Won't do that again !

Today was the first day back of my floristry course and we had to make some modern wedding buttonholes ( traditional carnations were banned ! )

Anyway , while using these gorgeous dark red leaves my thoughts turned to Rich Razzleberry and I realised I haven't used this colour for over a month !!!!

Perhaps I'm no longer addicted ,lol !!! I do think however that my 'rehabilitation ' has been aided by my delivery of new colours !

I'm not allowed to show you anything yet but the 1st of October is not long away now and I think I may have been converted to a new fave colour ! I'll leave you to guess which one.

Back to Rich Razzleberry, I decided to use it with the I {heart} Hearts set to make the card for the wedding we are going to tomorrow

Lets hope the rain keeps away !

Back soon x

Monday, 13 September 2010

Eureka moment Part Two

Ok so now I'm ready to show you what I was excitedly rambling on about yesterday.

I took 2 stamps - Tiny Tags and Darling Dots

and turned them into a Christmas tree !

I can see you're looking confused but bear with me and I will reveal all.... drum roll please ...

I love it !!!

I started doing it with the Stamp-a ma-jig just to see if I could get what was in my head onto paper but with a bit of messing about I found the easiest way is as follows-

I part inked the parcel stamp for the base then put 3 small dots to mark out the dimensions of the tree and stamped in these corners using the Tiny Tag flourish

Then its just a matter of filling in and you're ready to decorate your tree !I'm not a tinsel girl myself ,lol so it was just a few simple baubles for me !

I did it in traditional colours to help you see what it's supposed to be lol but once I've practised a bit more I'm thinking of a black tree with loads of bling !!

Wow , I guess thats my first ever attempt at a tutorial- hope you like ?

If you've got any alternative uses for stamps please let me know, I'd love to see them.

Off to see what else I can come up with....... x

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Eureka moment Part One

Sunday night again, have you had a good weekend ?

After telling you last night about my unused parcel of new goodies , I couldn't resist going to have a look for 10 mins after X Factor.

Well, it was after 1 am again before I went to bed !!!

The reason was I got soo excited by a Eureka moment ! I apologise in advance to anyone who has already thought of these ideas but it was my own personal light bulb moment.

I bought the Tiny Tags set obviously because it makes such sweet little tags but also because I like stamp sets that can be used in different ways and do more than 'what it says on the tin' !

Anyway I have another Christening (and a wedding ! ) to go to next weekend but this time its for a 12 year old girl so none of the usual baby images are appropriate.

I decided to make a pretty cross from the Tiny Tags set. I know I've said it before but I make no apology for saying it again, if you haven't got a Stamp-a-ma- jig - get one !

This amazing tool means your stamps can do such clever things.....

This was my scrap practice but I think it makes a very pretty cross for a Christening but this card hasn't yet been made cos I got inspired ( sounds better than distracted lol!) and made something else with this set.

I haven't taken all the photos so I can't show you yet but pop back next time and I'll show you what kept me up !!! x

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Bird punch

What a busy week ! I thought with the girls back at school things would be a bit quieter but it hasn't turned out that way.

Also yesterday I had a parcel of SU goodies arrive (just before I had to go and collect Isabel from school, typical ! ) and then I have been out virtually the whole time since.

I have managed to open the box but not even mounted the stamps yet let alone introduced them to ink lol.

Going to a Christening tomorrow so maybe next week ........

Todays card is made from my left over box again - I save and use even the tiniest of pieces

I am really sad that the Polka Dot Background stamp is retiring because it is so useful to make a matching paper and also looks good stamped in white on coloured card.

Its Saturday , so it must be X Factor time..................wish I could sing !!!!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Occasional greetings

Back to school day in our house today !

Haven't the holidays flown by this year ? I'm not sure whether it's because the girls (or me!) are getting older but we haven't really had any " I'm bored " days.

Been at work today though so haven't really noticed how quiet the house is when I'm home alone during the day.

Todays card is one for my eldest to send to her friend, instructions were HOT pink so out came Melon Mambo.

Cool ! was the reaction so I guess it passed the test lol !

Looking forward to the peace and quiet tomorrow and hopefully some crafting ..... x

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Soft Suede

Please, please could someone confirm I'm not the only one with this problem - Does anyone else have a 'haunted' craft space ?

I can be using something, put it down on my desk then when I need it again, it's nowhere to be seen !!!
After about half an hour of searching high and low it then appears right under my nose !!
Is it just me or does anyone else have a crafty poltergeist lol?

Todays card is made using Soft Suede and highlights why I love SU because I have used 5 different stamp sets but they all work so well together its impossible to see where one starts and another one begins .....

I'm also known for using ribbon bows, hence the ribbon kisses in the blog title but I'm being converted by the linen thread - it's very versatile and I love the different texture.

Another card just to prove you don't have to use loads of stamps - this time it's just 1 single stamp ...

Think this card is crying out for a Tiny Tag but they haven't be delivered yet lol!

Off to watch X Factor - sad but true ! x

Friday, 3 September 2010

Last Chance

Hiya, sorry haven't had time to update my blog over the last few days but I have been very busy !

I have had my sneak peek at the new SU catalogue that launches on 1st Oct and .... it's FAB !!! Bigger , better and with all the new colour combinations - what more could a girl want !

The prices have increased slightly so I have spent this morning choosing things I want from the current edition and have placed a big order - if there are current items you still want September is definitely a good time to order and save you some pennies to spend on the new goodies available from next month !
The Last Chance list is also out with some excellent bargains , while stocks last , so feel free to contact me if you want to treat yourself.

I've been so excited looking I've only got a couple of quick cards to show you. These are using up the left overs- I don't throw anything pretty away ! Colours are Basic Black and Very Vanilla and strips are from Bella Toile background stamp. These backgrounds go along way if you only use a bit lol !

The butterfly has been done using a stamp from Greenhouse Garden - I discovered this while I was waiting for my Flight of the Butterfly set to be delivered !

Sometimes less is more !

Hopefully I will have more to show you soon but I have got to start writing my October wish list lol !!! If you would like a new catalogue ordering ready for the 1st please let me know. x