Sunday, 12 September 2010

Eureka moment Part One

Sunday night again, have you had a good weekend ?

After telling you last night about my unused parcel of new goodies , I couldn't resist going to have a look for 10 mins after X Factor.

Well, it was after 1 am again before I went to bed !!!

The reason was I got soo excited by a Eureka moment ! I apologise in advance to anyone who has already thought of these ideas but it was my own personal light bulb moment.

I bought the Tiny Tags set obviously because it makes such sweet little tags but also because I like stamp sets that can be used in different ways and do more than 'what it says on the tin' !

Anyway I have another Christening (and a wedding ! ) to go to next weekend but this time its for a 12 year old girl so none of the usual baby images are appropriate.

I decided to make a pretty cross from the Tiny Tags set. I know I've said it before but I make no apology for saying it again, if you haven't got a Stamp-a-ma- jig - get one !

This amazing tool means your stamps can do such clever things.....

This was my scrap practice but I think it makes a very pretty cross for a Christening but this card hasn't yet been made cos I got inspired ( sounds better than distracted lol!) and made something else with this set.

I haven't taken all the photos so I can't show you yet but pop back next time and I'll show you what kept me up !!! x

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