Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee !

Hiya all ,

Did you have a good Jubilee weekend ? We had a fantastic time but probably not as traditional as most ! let me show you some piccies...........

The shorts might give it away, but if I say there was not a drop of rain and the temperature was 95 deg F you may guess that we weren't in the good old UK !!!

Although I  (hopefully) scheduled a few posts for you for the last 2 weeks we have been away- about 4500 miles away in fact ! Guess where ?

Okay here's a bigger clue lol........

Yes, we were in sunny Florida and had an amazing time.Over the weekend we had been at the Magic Kingdom with Mickey and friends but as I have fond childhood memories of the Silver Jubilee we decided to go to back to Epcot  so that the girls could experience the flags etc as though we were at home. For those that haven't been to Epcot there are various country themed areas around a large lake and there were a lot of British people celebrating at the UK pavillion.

The Americans were very interested in the Jubilee and the Royal Family but my girls were more impressed with how big One Direction are over there lol ! In one shop we saw 7 different magazines with them on the front cover !

Back to reality now, I have had a nightmare today trying to get some washing dry and we are still struggling a bit with sleep patterns.

I will leave you with the view from our hotel room that we woke up to each morning......

Definitely a Jubilee to remember !

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  1. Looks like your Jubilee was a lot dryer than ours! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Oh, and I love your Silver Jubilee dresses too ;-)
    Hugs xx