Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Back from under the ironing pile !

Hello all,

Sorry I've been a bad blogger but since returning from my holiday I have had a lot of things to catch up with - including sleep lol!!! It's taken a few days but now I think I'm back in the same time zone as you although nights last week varied between 2 hours sleep and 13 hours !

I have also done 11 loads of washing and ironing ( a massive task due to the constant rain ) but have managed to find something to show you. I knew I wouldn't survive a fortnight without crafting so I took on holiday a couple of stamps, 1 inkpad and 2 marker pens and regularly lounged on my sunbed round the pool  'colouring in ' Bliss !

Just a few little penguins ! Think I stayed within the lines but if not I blame the Pina Colada !

Back home I punched these out and turned them into a bag of  toppers as a little pressie for my lovely class ladies............


Like the Mickey ears ? Guess where I got them from ? They were actually confetti from one of the Disney parades but I soon got my girls 'tidying up'  Main Street. Once a crafter ,always a crafter lol !

Isabel also got some hair bobbles and chocolates for some of the girls at school so here are a few of the gifts I decorated in a rainbow of Stampin Up colours

And a cute car aerial topper for her teacher.........

It was good to be back at my Wednesday class this morning so next time I'll show you what we made.

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