Wednesday, 23 February 2011

No time !

Wow, what a busy week !

Mistakenly, with it being Half Term and not having the restraints of the school run, I thought I might have a little extra time this week and maybe (okay it was a big maybe ) I would get round to some of those little jobs I keep putting off for ages. Tidying out the bottom of my wardrobe was top of the list !

However, I seem to have less time than ever and this morning the girls didn't wake up til 10 oclock so I was trying to be quiet - perfect excuse for not hoovering !

Yesterday we had a girly shopping day and left home at 8.30am for Merry Hill shopping centre and got back at twenty to 7 !!! Definitely 'shop til you drop ', hence their sleep in this morning ! In all that time I didn't buy anything for myself - oh except some deodorant , exciting eh ?

The girls enjoyed it though and spent some of the money/vouchers they had for Christmas/birthday .

So not much crafting going on but I have had a little play with something silly for the girls using these...........

As soon as I saw these stamps from the Sweet Summer set I knew I wanted to make a little person from them and although I'm still not happy with the final result the girls think she is cute

Remember the Weebles, or am I just showing my age lol ?

Anyway, to serious matters -there is only a few days of Sale-a -bration left !!!!! So if you want to get hold of one of the FREE sets please get in touch quickly. If like me, you've got all the sets ( oops how did that happen ? ) then it's still worth ordering because it would make a perfect gift for a crafty friend.

Better go, we are now about to make choc chip muffins - yes real ones ! x


  1. She's so sweet Julie! What a brilliant idea!

  2. Fab idea Julie, you are so clever!! Jules x

  3. sooooooooo clever Julie I love it. Amazing idea