Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bliss -but it's not !

Hello all ,

I have managed to drag myself away from Baroque Motifs and todays card is using the Bliss set.

I love how the butterflies look like they have just landed and are about to flutter off again lol !

I couldn't quite bring myself to use the Bliss word stamp because everyone has been saying I bet it's bliss in your house this week but it's not. The reason - Isabel has gone away on a residential activity week with the school :(

I waited at school and waved her off yesterday morning but although she is 9, today is the first day of her life I have EVER not seen her ! Also no phones are allowed so there is no contact at all until she is back on Friday.

I definitely feel like there is something missing even though I know she will be having a fab time and won't be missing us at all.

Yes, it has been quieter,

Yes, it has been lovely spending some one to one time with Sophie

Yes, it's been great not to have to act as referee between the 2 of them when they decide to have a 'moment'

Yes, there wasn't toothpaste left in the basin

Yes, we were ready quicker this morning - but even so I can't wait to get my 'baby' back on Friday.


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  1. You will have to keep yourself extra busy with lots of crafting, Friday will be here before you know it. Big hugs from me & leanne xx