Friday, 11 February 2011

Evening all,
Well the peace is shattered and the washer's on - yes, she's back lol !

Tired, dirty and hungry but she has had a fab time and wasn't at all fazed by being away. Definitely think it's been harder for me - can you be homesick when you're the one left at home lol ?
Hubby is off to Arsenal tomorrow (another miracle needed) so between feeding the washer and the dryer I suppose I need to get round to making him a Valentine card. Think I might do a bit of blog surfing later for inspiration.

Todays card is from my Baroque motif period last week and one that I made for Gemma's birthday on Wednesday.

Colours are the gorgeous Cherry Cobbler (not just for Christmas ! ) and Chocolate Chip . Hope you enjoyed your special day Gemma !
Thought I would show you todays floristry effort- we had to make a 'collar' for round the top of the vase so I chopped a few twigs from up the lane cos I prefer the natural look.

Let me know what you think. Off to feed the washer its third course of the evening x


  1. Glad to hear Isobel is back and has a fab time by the sound of it. Both of your designs are simply fabulous. Love both of them :-) xx

  2. Big thanks for the card! :-)