Wednesday, 26 January 2011

More Sweet Summer

Hello there,

Well the toilet (and the rest of the bathroom) has been ordered so I don't need to keep studying them and my craft room is much improved but there is still a way to go !

I have got to the stage now where I have thrown loads away ( very therapeutic), rearranged storage and tidied most of it away but then there's a pile that just doesn't seem to go away lol !
I can't find anywhere to put it but I can't throw it away and now I've lost interest in the big clean up and just want to sit and play (and make a mess) on my nice clear desk !!

Anyway in good ,old Blue Peter style I have some I made earlier to show you...

Sweet Summer again but this time a multi coloured background

Sorry , don't know why the picture's a bit blurred but I think you get the idea

Haven't used Rich Razzleberry for a while but I think I might again soon. Aren't we fickle with our favourite colours ?

Last week we started back to floristry after a long Christmas break so I have an arrangement to show you too.............

Hope you like - let me know what you think x

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