Monday, 10 January 2011

Becki's Blueberry Crisp class

Tell me why Idon't like Mondays ? as the song goes. This morning it was really dark and miserable and I could have quite easily turned over and gone back to sleep !

However I'm glad I didn't because I had a visit from the UPS man and my Christmas pressies have arrived !! Thank you Hubby !

He couldn't quite understand why I didn't want to order them til after Christmas (because of the Sale-a-bration freebies) but he doesn't need to understand and I'm soooo glad I waited because the freebies are fantastic !

The only problem is I'm not going to get chance to play with them til Wednesday, although I did have to ' just test' a couple of items lol !

As promised I will show you what I made at Becki's Blueberry Crisp class

Firstly we made a box to hold the cards and here are the cards we put inside..........

Don't they make a lovely set ?

I hadn't got (yet) some of the items we used so it was great to use something new, remember when you were young and your friend's toys always seemed more exciting than your own ............? x

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  1. These are gorgeous Julie. Blueberry Crisp is definitely on my list too!