Wednesday, 16 May 2012

It's a mystery

Evening all,

I've had a funny old start to the week, on Monday my car broke down and I had to be rescued by a very nice man from the AA. My car was taken to a local garage and as it was my birthday yesterday I asked the man if he could ring Hubby and tell him I needed a new one complete with a ribbon round it (SU of course lol ! ). Anyway it wasn't terminal and 3 days (and £176! ) later I've now got my car back.
I had booked the day off work and planned to go out but was stuck at home watching the rain, hail, snow and thunder !

I did receive some lovely cards and pressies and I will show you some next time but firstly I need your help with one little mystery...........

Through the post I received this beautiful card..............

Stunning isn't it ? But the message inside..............

So I haven't got a clue who the lovely sender was !!! If it was you please let me know ! Don't be embarrassed because I have done this before on more than one occasion lol !

Hope the mystery will be solved soon and thank you to everyone for their birthday wishes x


  1. I'll lay money on that it was Ginnette as it's very similar to the one I got from her for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Belated happy birthday for yesterday.
    Sharon xx

  2. Hi Julie,

    The card was from Me. How could I have forgotten to write inside!!!! What a numpty I am. Glad you liked it - I'll try harder next year to remember to write it.
    Hope you had a great brithday