Tuesday, 3 May 2011

One today !

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun - my little blog is 1 today !!!

I still can't believe that 1) I've managed to do it and 2) that anyone is interested enough to read !!

But I am so glad that I have and you do !! I have really enjoyed it and made some new friends too, even if I still don't really know what I'm doing. A couple of days ago I tried to make a 'sticky' post about my candy and instead discovered how to schedule a post for a future date - so now I don't have to be live lol !

Today is my sister's birthday too and here is the card that I made from the girls......

Do you like the new shape from the top note die ( made by turning it and running through again ) ? I also decorated her a bag like I gave to Jules but a bit smaller this time as she's not a crafter and doesn't need to fit in 12 x 12 papers !

Oh and yes my bedroom walls are very nearly Baja Breeze and that was before Stampin Up invented the colour lol !

Thank you all so much for reading and heres to many more anniversaries !


  1. Wishing you a very happy blogaversary!! I'm a fairly new follower (having only met you at Jules' training day but you post lots of lovely cards & ideas for me to enjoy :-)

    LOVE your Baja Breeze walls!! Great idea to flip the top note die too.


  2. Hi Julie

    I love them both - the bag is gorgeous. Where did you get it from and how did you add the decoration.

    As for the top note die - that is very clever. It is actually going on my order today. I love how you keep your cards simple with lots of the white card showing- it really seems to work well.

    Love Terri xx

  3. Happy bloggoversary Julie! The owl card is adorable. I just love Mr Owl and can't wait for Jules Owl class on saturday!
    Hugs, Victoria ~x~