Monday, 30 May 2011

Eating up the bits !

Hello there,

Do you ever have an 'eating up the bits ' tea where you concoct something from whatever's left in the fridge/freezer ? Well I've done that today but with my cards - no not to eat lol !!!

Sometimes (quite often ) I cut a piece of paper or stamp something and then decide not to use it so I have a big pile of 'left overs' and today I thought it would be a good idea to use some of them. My crafty version of Ready , Steady Cook !!

The old meets the new as I have used some Sale-a-bration items and Fun Flowers is perfect for using odd pieces of paper..............

Then I decide to make a few Top Note boxes to match- these are so easy to make and look sooo pretty.....

Trouble is I still haven't used up all my scraps, I've just got a pile of smaller pieces lol !

Even left overs look co-ordinated with Stampin Up. This was a fun exercise too and I must remember to do it regularly with different colour schemes and then I might have more room on my desk.

Last night you may remember I mentioned I was going to watch Britains Got Talent, well it was quite strange because I was sort of half watching/listening and blog surfing at the same time when I suddenly saw a familiar face !

Jean Martyn (keyboard, Great Balls of Fire, sparkly jacket) was my next door neighbour when I was a child and my Dad ,who was a keen photographer, used to take her promotional photos and record album covers (yes it was that long ago lol !). So that's my BGT claim to fame and definitely the closest I'll ever get to being on it ! I will now keep an eye out for Jean in the semi-finals and give her my vote !


  1. Such a fabulous colour co-ordinated set Julie! I love these papers. Gorgeous colours!
    Hugs, Victoria ~x~

  2. Wow, what a fab collection you've made! I know exactly what you mean about 'leftovers' and have a whole box full of bits!!

  3. i love this using up idea i must do this more often i always end up giving my scraps to my 4 year old daughter who has a box of stamps nearly as big as mine!