Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Baby Blossoms knickers !

Evening all, hope you are well.

More Baby Blossoms I'm afraid - I just can't stop playing !

Regular readers will remember we decorated Isabel's room a few months ago and when I saw the Baby Blossoms set I couldn't believe how well they matched her duvet and curtains...........

So I decided to make a picture for her room

Good match isn't it and so appropriate for her girly room.

With the left overs I made a couple of cards............

While Isabel was admiring her new picture she said " Mom , I've even got some Baby Blossoms knickers " and do you know what --- she's right lol !!!!!

Perfect lol !! I can't believe I hadn't noticed before. As my Big Shot is on its way perhaps I need to buy some more so I can use them to make my own version of SU fabric flowers !

Must go and check out what other SU items are around my house lol !


  1. blimey, you've got it bad haven't you!!! You've definitely got your money's worth with this set!!

    The picture look great and the stamps go really well with the fancy frame.

    Gosh, there'll be no stopping you when the Big Shot arrives :-)

  2. this made me giggle Julie, you have your kids as bad as you. Pretty, pretty picture, love it :) xx

  3. Such a sweet picture, sure it'll ok perfect in your daughters room. Love thebaby blossom knickers too! Lol!
    Hugs, Victoria ~x~

  4. Love the picture and the cards and they go so well with the bedroom - oh and the knickers!!!
    Chris xx

  5. Stunning picture, beautiful.
    Every girl needs matching underwear... xxx

  6. You've spotted a gap in the market Julie! What next? Motorcycle boxers? Sailboat underpants?!!