Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Well ,after the footie result on Sunday I don't think I'd better mention it again - Wolves lost 5 - 1 to arch rivals West Brom ! Hubby was soo pleased he's on holiday this week so he didn't have to face the humiliation at work. And now they've sacked the manager so if you know any miracle workers out there , the address is Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton lol !!!

Yesterday I was sooo busy opening all my Valentines and arranging all the hundreds of roses that I didn't get chance to talk to you ----ok maybe not ......... but I did get to have a lovely chat with Jules as she made a flying ( or even dancing) visit somewhere near to me.

Hubby asked me last week if I'd made him a Valentine and I did confess that I'd got a sample left from my class, very romantic eh ? I DID actually make it for him ( and the ladies were threatened not to get any ink etc on it ) and thanks to the Sale-a-bration freebies it was very personal to us. 'Our song' has always been Just the Way you are by Billy Joel so this stamp was just perfect...........
We had this as our first dance when we got married and when I mentioned it to my girls they looked at me with amazement and said what Bruno Mars ?!! I'm obviously not as 'down with the kids' as they thought lol !
Anyway, best show you the rest of the card.................

Equally romantic, he asked me if I wanted him to buy me one - he knows I think shop cards are a waste of money ( although maybe a bargain compared to me spending £45 just to get that special stamp lol !!!). I told him not to bother but I got a lovely surprise when he 'commissioned' Isabel to make me one from him..................

So sweet and means so much more . Hope you all had a good day with those that are special to you x

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