Monday, 1 August 2011


Evening all,

Just had to pop on and show you where I have spent the last 2 days - I had a voucher for a spa day for my birthday so I decided to add to it and stay overnight , all on my own !!

It was so strange being completely free to do what I wanted, when I wanted and without the constant chorus of ' Mom '....

This was my room. I think it was one of the smaller ones as it was for one but it was really sweet

The ivy framed the window beautifully.............

and the view was stunning, I felt very grand standing at the window to survey the gardens lol

Those of you who used to watch Family Fortunes ( go on admit it lol ) may recognise the shot below as it was often one of the spot prizes, billed as the spa in a stately home , ' in the heart of rural Staffordshire 'My room is the small window on the left below the 3 chimneys. Although it was only half an hour away from home it was like escaping a million miles away.

In between the sauna, jacuzzi and the massage chairs I did manage to get some ink out -- how did they know I needed a little craft desk in my room lol ?

Wandering round the grounds I came across this hammock and was soo tempted but I decided getting on and off might not be very graceful and someone else might be standing at their window admiring the view lol

I had never been away on my own before but I really enjoyed it and feel really chilled out, back soon with something crafty x


  1. It looks amazing Julie, I might just have to have an overnight stay there when I bring Chris down to Stafford Uni :-) xx

  2. Oh Julie how decadent it certainly looks beautiful and I bet being on your own gave you the chance to REALLY unwind and relax. Hugs M xxx