Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Baby Blossoms

Brrr - what a difference a day makes !!!

At least it was nice while the schools were off for a change. Hope you all had a fantastic Easter and didn't eat too much chocolate ! We haven't eaten much but OMG we have an overdose !

Thought I would show you the mountain .............

and that was after a few had been eaten and minus the packets of Mini eggs !!!! I have been given strict instructions NOT to touch them while the girls are at school -as if ....lol !

Back to the crafting, when I first saw the Mini Catalogue which seems ages ago now, top of my 'Must Have' list was the Baby Blossoms stamp set. This is just my thing, pretty, girly and you know how I love flowers !

Well, why haven't I used it then ? I didn't forget I'd got it ( which has been known to happen ) but I think I just got distracted by the Springtime Vintage papers, the Owl Punch and the square embossing folder !!

Anyway, over the weekend I had a good play and I love it just as much as I thought I would !

Stamped onto the Springtime vintage paper and embossed it to give it a different look. The rose is done in the appropriately named Rose Red ink, using the stamping off technique to get the two different shades.

Left the striped paper alone this time but embossed the other one lol !Also made a cute little gift box

Aren't they pretty ? Made loads of other things too but I'll save them for another time, now I wonder do you think they have really counted those eggs ..................?

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  1. These are gorgeous Julie. I think it will be Xmas by they time the girls will get through all those Eggs!!