Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Greetings

Happy Easter everyone !

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday and haven't eaten too much chocolate ! At least it hasn't snowed here yet today !

Sorry my blogging has become more infrequent, I am not sure if I am 'talking' to myself and have thought that no one would notice if I missed a few posts. Anyway, in order to try something different and try to restore my enthusiasm I have set up a Facebook business page  so click here and take a look. I will try to post some 'exclusive' pictures so please like and leave me a comment.

Todays picture is a little Creme egg holder that I saw on Jules blog and designed by  Angela.

Cute isn't it ? And the Creme egg is still inside - but only because I don't like them !

Right off to (try to) update my Facebook page. I have even done this without my trusty technology helper although I have been reading a book called 'Facebook for Grown Ups ' lol ! Please send me some encouragement. Enjoy the rest of the holiday x


  1. I have missed your posts Julie. Hope you've had a nice easter. I will look you up on Facebook xx

  2. Have also missed yr posts!! Anne x