Friday, 15 March 2013

Doing something (not so) funny for money !

Evening all,

Hope you are all okay ? We have had a stressful few days as on Wednesday Isabel tripped over a bag in the cloakroom at school and we ended up in A &E !

Several hours later we found out that she had fractured her arm and she had a temporary cast put on. Yesterday we spent another 4 hours at the fracture clinic and she was given gas and air while they manipulated the bone back in place. She was so brave and the doctor said she had seen grown men cry having this done. She chose a purple cast - they didn't do Pool Party lol !

Anyway she was desperate not to miss Comic Relief day at school today and decided to use her misfortune to benefit others. She asked her friends to sign her cast for a donation, bless her.

This is her dressed up and ready to go to school this morning

So proud of my brave little girl and her fundraising efforts.
Back with something crafty next time.

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  1. Well done Isabel on being so brave at the hospital and well done on going to school and raising funds for Red Nose Day. Anne x ( your mum is my mum :-) - well in Stampin' Up! x