Monday, 28 January 2013

Moving Forward (and slipping backwards! )

Yippeee the snow has gone !

It was lovely yesterday to get up and see the world had changed back to colour overnight as everywhere had been white for over a week.
I think I must be getting old because I used to get excited about snow but last week it was just a nuisance. I got my car stuck one day and I also fell over on the ice. I don't think I would have got many technical marks on Dancing on Ice but Jason Gardiner may have given me some points for performance as my keys and money were scattered everywhere and Isabel burst into tears !
 I was lucky though because although I banged my head on the floor , there was no serious damage. Isn't there a saying ' Where there's no sense, there's no feeling ' lol. I do however have a very pretty bruise in a lovely shade of Elegant Eggplant/ Midnight Muse but fortunately its in a very ' well cushioned'  position and out of public view  !!

Today's card is using a stamp from Moving Forward but I have also used the Sale-a-bration freebie Bloomin Marvelous flower to create an effective background.........

 Pretty isn't it ? Fresh and Spring like, although that may be wishful thinking for a while longer !

Isabel's baking class had to be cancelled the previous weekend  and this Saturday evening our street was still covered in ice....

That's not water, it's the shine from solid ice. We then had another heavy snow shower and then overnight it  all disappeared and Isabel was pleased to go to baking.
This week was quite challenging as she had to try and replicate some characters and I think she did very well.....
Tasted yummy too !

Lets hope the weather causes everyone less problems this week x

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