Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year !

 Happy New Year everyone !

Hope you all had a fab Christmas. We had a lovely time and enjoyed celebrating the girls' birthdays too. December is completely crazy but it is also my favourite month of the year.
Last night we all sat and watched (without any gadgets ! ) all the old camcorder films from when the girls were born and it was lovely to reminisce - now I have a teenager and a tweenager it was cute to see how sweet they were once lol !

I have managed a little crafting over the break and guess what I've been making ?  Christmas cards !!! No, I haven't gone completely bonkers, there is method in my madness.....
I don't know about you but I found Christmas came all too quickly this time and I ended up rushing around until the last minute. Ever since I was first pregnant and knew I wouldn't be shopping in December I have been organised and prefer to have everything bought and wrapped by beg of November and then I can spend the run up to the big day doing 'Christmassy' things. This time I was much too disorganised and I have vowed not to let it happen again. Previously, I have got ahead with my cards by making 10 per month and then it doesn't become a mammoth task later in the year -  so I have started already and made my batch for October and November !!!

Why not start with January and February ? Well again there is a very good reason. The Stampin Up Convention is being held in the UK this year, yipeee, and knowing I will have lots of swaps to make I thought I would get my Christmas cards done in advance !

This is' October's' offering..............

I did make 10 , they are just not all pictured !
I have also just discovered the Natural Ivory cardstock and this makes a great , economical card base. If you look really carefully you might notice a sneak peek of something coming soon .....

I love the burst of energy and desire to get everything organised that comes with New Years Day. I have taken down all my Christmas decorations today, cleaned all the windows inside , put all the dates on my new calender and done 4 loads of washing ! Sadly, it normally disappears as quickly as it arrives so I am off to do some planning for forthcoming classes while I am still feeling so productive !

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