Saturday, 11 August 2012

Blushing Bride

Happy Saturday to you all !

Have you been enjoying the Olympics ? I really enjoyed last Saturday evening when we were so successful in the athletics. At one point I  got into the spirit of the occasion and started waving about two little Union Jacks. My eldest looked in disgust and said "Mom, have you been drinking ?" to which my youngest replied "She must have had blue pop and got hyper !"  Lol, my patriotism was obviously wasted on them - and no I hadn't been drinking (but might be tonight so who knows what they'll say ).

This week one of my ladies asked if we could make a wedding card, so always happy to oblige....

There are lots of versions  in blogland of this card using the heart punch but it always looks effective. Also used the milk carton die to make a little box to hold the confetti. Pink is Blushing Bride of course !

A simple card using Pocket Silhouettes again, I  must use this set more often.

French Foliage and Everything Eleanor used for this one.

Pretty aren't they ? Hope you like.

This afternoon Hubby and Sophie have gone off to football. Doesn't seem 5 minutes since the season ended and today it's the first round of the League Cup before the League starts again next week. After a disastrous season (and relegation) they are hoping to see Wolves win a lot more games this campaign. Hubby hasn't started wearing his 'Lucky Pants' yet but he is convinced all will be well as our Molineux rose in the garden is in full bloom . Men  ! who knows how their minds work but it is beautiful....

 So what am I going to do with my peaceful afternoon ? Well, tonight we have not one but two birthday celebrations to attend and so I need to make a 50th card and a money wallet too.
Last as usual lol !

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