Monday, 13 December 2010

Oh no he didn't ? OH YES HE DID !!!


Just had to pop back and tell you about the panto last night ..........

We had front row seats and when we got there one of the seats was the aisle seat right next to some steps onto the stage so the girls and I decided that Hubby HAD to have that seat.

Well, just as he feared ( and we hoped !) he was chosen for some audience humiliation, sorry participation lol! I have not seen him look so terrified since the day we got married !

He was called up on stage by Christopher Biggins and made to remove his shirt to go in Widow Twanky's laundry, he then had to sit thru the rest of the show wearing a dressing gown.

Just as he was hoping no one we knew was there, we bumped into one of Isabel's school teachers during the interval !

He was then called up on stage again during the finale and given his shirt back and allowed back stage to get changed. He was also given an M & S voucher - bet thats the only time he will be paid for taking his clothes off !

I somehow doubt he has mentioned at work today that he spent the evening taking his clothes off with Christopher Biggins lol !!!

Must get back to my To Do list - it is really serious now - I am 3 days behind on my Thorntons advent calender , and I hadn't even noticed !!! That IS bad !

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