Wednesday, 1 December 2010

No piccies

Hiya, how are you all coping with the snow ?

We've got some here but not much compared to some pictures I've seen - Becki I want some of
your 'can't open the gate and get to work ' snow lol !

One question for you - if you're asked to make a card for someone do you prefer the undecided customer or the one that tells you exactly what they want ?
The 'I'll leave it to you ' option always worries me because we all have different taste but sometimes specific customer requests can be challenging !

I was recently asked by a friend to make a Christmas card for her Grandson which needed to have a small boy (aged 4 and 3/4 ! ) holding a toy polar bear next to a newly built snowman with a green John Deere tractor in the background !!

Due to my tempremental USB cable unfortunately I can't show you the finished result but I hope it ticks all the boxes. Good to have a challenge occasionally lol !!!

Have also made a birthday card tonight and as a preview I'll tell you that unless Becki sends me that snow order I'll be going to work tomorrow with Concord Crush stained fingers lol !

Hope to be back soon with some pictures, stay safe x

1 comment:

  1. the UPS man has got your snow order in his van :-) your commissioned card sounds really challenging, but I bet it looks fab. Still can not get cars out of the garden and no buses running - oh well another day at home for me!!