Friday, 15 October 2010

You shy lot !

Well aren't you all a shy lot !!!!

I have had over 110 visits since my last post but no one has recommended that I take a read of their blog !

I am feeling a bit better but haven't managed any stamping yet so as it's Friday and I've also missed my floristry class, I thought in good old Blue Peter fashion I would show you 'one I made earlier' lol !

A few weeks ago we had to make an arrangement inspired by a handbag, so I decided mine was going to be a Radley bag. (Hubby once tried to cut the tag off my real Radley bag - MEN ! )

Can you spot the Rich Razzleberry and Melon Mango ?

Hopefully I will be up and about soon but if you do visit PLEASE let me see what you've been up to - I know you're there !!!

Enjoy the weekend x


  1. I would recommend you check out the size of my baubles lol but you've already nipped over and had a peek. Love the flowers, very talented. Hope you're feeling better soon x

  2. Do hope that you are feeling better soon, if you are really desperate to see someone else's blog, pop across to and see if there's anything interesting there.. your flower arrangements are beautiful!