Friday, 13 August 2010

Distressed this time !

Have been very impulsive today, have been growing my hair for what seems like ages and this morning I got up and decided to have it cut off !

It's been cut into an inverted bob so its not too drastic but a lot shorter than it was !

Anyway as I'm being so impulsive I decided to do a distressed version of yesterdays card. I don't use this technique for customer orders cos I know some people 'don't get it '.

I inked everything, including the lace and my fingers lol!

Like all the different textures. Well , which do you prefer distressed or not ? Please let me know x


  1. love this! I much prefer the distressed look although I still like the other one too. Hope you're getting used to the new hair :) x

  2. Wow!!! this card is stunning x