Wednesday, 17 July 2013

School Memory Boxes

Afternoon all,

Quick break in today's busy schedule to show you a not so little project I have been working on. My 'baby' leaves primary school this week ( where did that go ! ) and there has been various events to celebrate including an awards evening where they were presented with a certificate and a dictionary. Isabel wanted something to keep her things in so I decorated a box for her and in a moment of madness, decided it would be nice to make one for each of her classmates. Thankfully, there is only 18 in the class but that seemed never ending when I was about half way through lol!

Used the sadly retired Letter It stamps and a few punches. On the back I added a little verse and personalised with each child's name.

Just been to the Leavers assembly and the children were all excited about what they were going to keep in their boxes. Few tears too from the Moms, it is definitely the end of a chapter when they leave Primary school.

More partying tonight, they are going for a meal, then being taken by limo to the school disco ! Will be lovely to see them all dressed up, better get the tissues ready !



  1. Hi Julie what a lovely idea. How sweet of you to do one for each of them. Good job it wasn t 36 like I had in my class one year lol So sad when they leave primary school. A x

  2. Certainly the end of one era when they leave primary school - think of me however - my baby has just left secondary school - hopefully off to Uni in September - now where did that go !!!!