Saturday, 21 July 2012

School's Out !

As the song goes - School's out for Summer !!!

So now I get to spend some time with my two girls - how long before before I'm tearing my hair out lol ?
They are actually growing up (too quickly) into talented young ladies and I would like to share with you a couple of  'proud Mom moments '

The other weekend I mentioned we spent a lovely day at Ledbury and the reason for the trip was that Isabel had won a poetry competition and the prize was the opportunity to read her poem at the prestigious Ledbury Poetry Festival ! Let me share her work ......

Lost for Words

I'm trying to write a poem,
I don't know what about.
It's got to be done soon,
I'm really freaking out!

It could be about the weather,
Wind,rain or snow.
Sunshine or rainbows,
I really do not know.

How about my bedroom ?
It's always such a mess.
So many posters on the walls,
I'm in love with JLS !!!

It could be about a sleepover,
Fun with 'Truth or Dare'
Sitting around in our PJs,
Doing each other's hair.

How about my school?
Small though it may be.
We all get on together,
It's a cool place to be.

It could be about the circus,
Clowns and acrobats.
Popcorn and candyfloss,
Magicians in top hats.

How about a football match ?
The noise could make you deaf.
Everyone is shouting,
"That's a foul ref ! "

I've got no inspiration,
I keep looking at the clock.
Eureka !   I've got it !
I'll write about writers block !

by Isabel Wade age 10

Isn't it good ? And she stood on the stage and read really confidently too. So proud.

Also this busy, last week at school involved Presentation Evening at Sophie's high school. She was asked to play her keyboard ( Marry Me by Bruno Mars) and later in the evening she was presented with the Young Musician of the Year award ! My girls continue to amaze me with talents I can only dream of !

Thank you for indulging me, now back to something crafty.......

Whilst looking for something for Isabel's teacher, I spotted this ............

Perfect her very own blackboard lol ! The teacher was also leaving the school to set up her first home in another area with her boyfriend so I thought this would be good but decided it needed a bit of a Stampin Up makeover and a very short time later it looked like this .........

Much nicer I thought !

Card and shopping list jotter to match. I also hand stamped the wrapping paper ( sorry in too much of a rush to take piccie ) and apparently she was thrilled with everything.

Back next time with another end of term thank you.

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