Saturday, 26 June 2010

Well the weekend's here already ! I have had a very busy week , trying to re-organise/tidy my craft stuff to make room for some new goodies but you know when you start a job and it gets worse before it gets better..... it hasn't got to the better stage yet lol!

Before I forget will show you a few photos from the final stage of our holiday. We stayed in San Diego and one of my favourite things ever were the pandas at the zoo!!

Sooo cute - I wanted to bring one home !

Todays card has been made using the SU Happy Moments set and I have used left over bits to decorate a candle holder. I hate throwing even the tiniest bits away so I have promised myself I will try to use them up rather than keep them !!

Off to carry on the tidying - I cant make anything until I can find my desk !!

I won't mention the 'F' word but CMON ENGLAND !

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